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Summer Matinee (anthology, hosted by Bill Silbert)

    (Dumont Primetime 1951 - 1953)

    [a summer dramatic anthology series hosted by Bill Silbert 
     on the Dumont Network]

Theme: "Vanessa"

    [verified on sheet music published by Meridian Music which
     shows Bill Silbert on cover and says "Theme song of the
     Dumont T.V. Program 'Summer Matinee' with Bill Silbert";

     Although credit for publishing it is given to Meridian
     Music (BMI), at 1619 Broadway, New York City (Brill Bldg.),
     the back cover features an ad by Edwin H. Morris & Co.
     of which Meridian may have been the BMI division -- or
     Morris may have been the selling agent or distributor;

     This piece was also used by many TV stations during the
     1950s as a local variety show or women's show THEME;

     Bernie Wayne was perhaps best known as a co-composer of 
     the pop song "Blue Velvet", and the perennial "There She 
     Is, Miss America" sung by Bert Parks at the Miss America 
     Pageant every year starting in 1955.]

     Composer: Bernie Wayne (BMI)

     Original Publisher: Meridian Music Corp. (BMI)
                            of New York;

     2003 Publishers: Bernie Wayne Music Co. (BMI)
                        c/o Spirit One Music
                        of New York

     Unpublished Copyright Date: Mar 31, 1952; Eu 270 498.
     Unpublished Renewal   Date: Jan  4, 1980; RE- 52-868.

     Published Copyright Date: June 11, 1952; Ep 63 143.
     Published Renewal   Date: Jan.  7, 1980; RE-51-720.


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