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Sky King (children's adventure) starring Kirby Grant

     (NBC Primetime, 1951 - 1952;
      ABC Primetime 1953 - 1954;
      Rerun on NBC, ABC, and CBS, 
      on both Daytime and Weekends through 1966)

     [from a radio series which aired on ABC 1946 - 1950,
      and on Mutual 1950 - 1954; the character of "Sky King"
      was that of a ranch owner who not only patrols his own
      ranch with his private plane, but helps on daring rescues
      and finding fugitives from his airborne vantage point...]

Theme 1 [from 1951]: "Main Title Fanfare and Western Theme"

     [Title and composer credit supplied by CBS Music Department
      in 1983; However, these were Mutel library titles for the 
      "Death Valley Days" series theme, which was re-cycled
      through the Mutel and Capitol "Q" Series production music
      libraries. It's original title was "Twenty Mule Train", 
      with composer credits to Herb Taylor and Milt Raskin.]

     [Craig Pattillo book credits Joseph Solon and title
      "Western Theme" for first season (1951-1952) only.]

     Credited Composer: Joseph Solon (BMI) [pseudonym of Herb 
        Taylor, according to library music expert Paul Mandell]

     Actual Composers: Herb Taylor (ASCAP), and
                       Milton W. ("Milt") Raskin (ASCAP)
     1978 Publisher: John Paul Music (ASCAP)
     1998 Publisher:  John Paul Music (ASCAP),
                        of Los Angeles, CA
     Copyright date: 
         78 rpm in the "Mutel" (Music For Television) library,
      and 78 rpm 16" transcriptions in the Capitol "Q" Series library.
           Q- 99:3 Theme No. 216 OPENING (Western-Full)
           Q- 99:4 Theme No. 216 CLOSING (Western-Full)
           Q-101:2 Theme No. 216 LONG Version (Western)

Theme 2 [from 1953]: "Cracked Idol"

    [Title credit in Craig Pattillo book for "the last 12 seasons".
     He gives performer (not composer) credit for the soundtrack
     recordings of the theme to "Alex Compinsky" and "H. Nelson",
     which do not jibe with current ASCAP or BMI records... 
     This title does not appear in the current ASCAP or 
     BMI repertoire. It probably was a title in a music 
     library, which recycled other themes.]

    [This theme may have been used beginning in 1953, when the 
     series switched its Primetime network from NBC to ABC.]

     Composers: (BMI)              
     Original Publisher: (BMI)
     1978 Publisher: [unknown]
     1998 Publishers: [none found in current Repertoire]
     Copyright date:

Theme 3 : "Sky King Theme (M & E)"

     Composers: Paul Sawtell (ASCAP), and
                Bert Shefter (ASCAP)
     1978 Publisher: Bert Shefter Prod., Inc. (ASCAP)
     1998 Publisher:  Bert Shefter Productions (ASCAP),
                        of West Hollywood, CA
     Copyright date:

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