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Shirley Temple's Storybook (children's anthology specials)

    (NBC Specials, 1958;
     ABC Sundays,  1959)

    [ABC weekly rerun title: "The Shirley Temple Show"]

Theme: "Dreams Are Made For Children"

    [Max Meth shared credit in the ASCAP database,
     but not on the printed sheet music]

     Composers: music by Jerry Livingston (ASCAP), with
                lyrics by Mack David (ASCAP) and
                Max Meth (ASCAP) 

     1978 Publisher: M. Witmark and Sons (ASCAP)

     2000 Publisher: Universal-Polygram International Publishing Inc. (ASCAP)
                        c/o Universal Music Publishing Group
                        of Los Angeles, CA; and
                     M. Witmark and Sons (ASCAP)
                        c/o Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
                        of Los Angeles, CA
     Copyright Date: Jan. 13, 1958; Eu 509 987.


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