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Screen Director's Playhouse (dramatic anthology)

    (NBC Primetime, 1955 - 1956)
    (ABC Primetime, 1956)

    [Began on NBC Radio 1949 - 1951 as "N B C Theater" aka: "Screen
     Directors' Guild" and "Screen Director's Playhouse"]

Theme: "You Are Music"

    [theme credit in Gelfand book "Television Theme Recordings"]

     Composers: Frank J. Black (ASCAP), 
                Bernard Maltin (ASCAP), and
                Al Stillman (ASCAP)

     1978 Publishers:  Sam Fox Pub Co., Inc. (ASCAP),
                       Larry Spier Inc. (ASCAP), and
                       Stillman Song Co. Inc. (ASCAP)

     1998 Publishers:  Sam Fox Publishing Co., Inc. (ASCAP),
                       of Santa Barbara, CA; and
                       The Stillman Song Company (ASCAP),
                       of Sunnyvale, CA
     Copyright Date: 
          45rpm single: Henry King Orchestra
                        (vocal by Sammy Schyler)
                        Decca 1767 ( )

          45rpm single: The Four Aces
                        Decca 9-31081 (1960)

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