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Philco Television Playhouse (dramatic anthology)

     [aka: "Philco Playhouse" or "Philco TV Playhouse"]
     (NBC Primetime, 1954 - 1957)

Theme 1: "Salute To Industry"

    [vocal title: "If All This Could Be"...which has a 1951
     copyright date, indicating that the vocal version preceded 
     the instrumental version, used for the TV series in 1954.]

    ["Salute to Industry" verified as theme in TV Guide article 
      of 2/19/54.]

     Composer: Morris Mamorsky (ASCAP); and for vocal version,
               words by Stanley Adams (ASCAP)
     Original Publisher: none in ASCAP Index 1978...but it
                         may have been Broude Brothers (ASCAP)
     1997 Publisher:  [no listing in ASCAP or BMI Repertoire]
     Copyright Date [orig. vocal:] August 17, 1951; EU 247 359.
     Renewal Date [orig. vocal:]   January 4, 1979; RE-13-299. 
     Copyright Date [piano/vocal version:] May 28, 1954; EP 81 066.
     Renewal Date [piano/vocal version:] December 29, 1982; RE-150-221.
         LP [as "Salute To Industry":]
              "Great Music Themes of Television" (1956)
               RCA-Victor LPM 1020
               Hugo Winterhalter and his Orchestra

         LP [as "Salute To Industry":]
              "Great Music Themes of Early Television" (1984)
               Franklin Mint-1 (re-issue of RCA LPM 1020)
               Hugo Winterhalter and his Orchestra

Theme 2: probably "Philco Playhouse Theme"

    [Verified as TV theme in correspondence with composer 3/17/82,
     work listed in ASCAP Biographical Dictionary, 1980 edition,
     but not by title.]

     Composer: Harry Sosnik (ASCAP)
     Original Publisher: [no listing in ASCAP Index 1978]
     1997 Publisher:   [no listing in ASCAP Repertoire]
     Copyright Date:

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