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The Perry Como Show [1950] (musical variety)

    (CBS Primetime, 1950 - 1955)

    [This series was the SECOND of four regular primetime musical
     variety TV series hosted by Perry Como. It was a 15-min. series 
     following the news on CBS. It included Mitchell Ayers and his

     The FIRST series was "The Chesterfield Supper Club" (NBC, 1948-50)
     which was an extension of the radio series of the same name,
     which see...

     The THIRD series was also called "The Perry Como Show"
     (NBC, 1955-59), which see...

     The FOURTH was "Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall" (NBC, 1959-67)
     which see...]

Theme 1: "Smoke Dreams"

    [after a few bars, this segued into the "Sound Off" THEME 2]

     Composers: John Klenner (ASCAP),
                Lloyd Shaffer (ASCAP), and
                Ted Steele (ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: Sherwin Music Pub. Corp. (ASCAP)
     1999 Publisher: Colgems-EMI Music, Inc. (ASCAP),
                     of New York, NY
     Composition Date: (circa 1937)
     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:

Theme 2: "Sound Off (The Duckworth Chant)"

     Composers: Willie Lee Duckworth (ASCAP), and
                Bernard V. Lentz (ASCAP)
     1978 Publisher: (ASCAP)
     1999 Publisher: Shapiro Bernstein & Co., Inc. (ASCAP), of
                     New York, NY
     Copyright Date: May  2, 1951; Ep 54 376.
     Renewal   Date: Mar. 6, 1979; RE-26-459.

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