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Martin Kane, Private Eye (detective drama, starring Lee Tracy)

     [aka (1953 -): "The New Adventures of Martin Kane"]
     [Syndicated Title: "Assignment: Danger"]

     [also on Radio 1949 -]
     (First format:  NBC Primetime, 1949 - 1953)
     (Second format: NBC Primetime, 1953 - 1954)
     (Syndicated 1954)

Theme 1: "Martin Kane Theme"

    [Composer given music credit in Pattillo, and in 
    "Encyclopaedia of Television Programs" by Vincent Terrace,
     probably the Radio Theme as well.]

     Composer: Charles F. Paul (ASCAP)
     Original Publishers: Emil Ascher, Inc. (ASCAP), and
                          Starlight Songs, Inc. (ASCAP)
     1997 Publisher:  Starlight Songs, Inc. (ASCAP)
                        of Los Angeles, CA
     Copyright Date: 

Theme 2: "Martin Kane Theme"

    [Used for the "New Adventures of Martin Kane". Perhaps also
     used for Syndicated version, since this was given
     Theme and Composer credit in TV Guide article of 5/17/58
     "When The Melody Lingers On" while series was syndicated.
     Theme and composer credit also given in Limbacher book 
     "The Song List--a guide to contemporary music from
     classical sources."]

     Composer: Ray Llewellyn (BMI) [pseudonym of David Rose, Ray Bloch,
                   and other composers working for ZIV-TV]
     Original Publisher: Esteem Music (BMI)
     1982 Publisher: Unart Music (BMI)
              [as per a phone call to BMI 2/16/82]
     1998 Publisher: EMI/Unart Catalog, Inc. (BMI)
     Copyright Date: [none found]

Syndicated Theme 3: from "Assigned To Danger Cues"

    [Composer Credit in Burlingame book "TV's Biggest Hits",
     discussing musical motives and changes in theme which
     sponsor wanted in response to "Dragnet" theme. Although
     no listing can be found in ASCAP Repertoire under "Martin
     Kane" with Glasser as composer, the above is close to
     the Syndicated Title "Assignment: Danger"...may have 
     been a typo...]

     Composer: Albert Glasser (ASCAP)
     Original Publisher: [no listing in ASCAP Index 1978]
     1997 Publisher:  MCA/On Backstreet Music, Inc. (ASCAP)
                        c/o MCA Music Publishing, a division of
                        Universal Studios, Inc.
     Copyright Date: 

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