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The Last Word (language panel show)

    (CBS Sundays, 1957 - 1959)

    [A panel of experts responded to questions submitted about
     the English language. The Moderator for the panel was 
     Dr. Bergen Evans.]

Theme 1 (1957 - 1958): "Silver Fizz"

    [Theme title credit in "TV Theme Soundtrack Directory" by
     Craig W. Pattillo;
     The writers below were partners in a Hollywood music production
     company named "Spencer-Hagen"]

     Composers: Earle H. Hagen (ASCAP/BMI), and
                Herbert W. ("Herb") Spencer (ASCAP/BMI)

     1978 Publisher: [unknown]
     2000 Publisher: Larrabee Music (BMI),
                       of Rancho Mirage, CA

     Copyright Date:

Theme 2 (1958 - 1959): "Pince-Nez and Aspidistras"

    [Theme title credit in "TV Theme Soundtrack Directory" by
     Craig W. Pattillo]

     Composer: Robert Farnon (British PRS/ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: Chappell & Co., Inc. (ASCAP)
                        of New York, NY and London, England

     2000 Publisher: Jim Long Companies, Inc. (ASCAP)
                       (Jim Long Music Division) 
                        of Carrollton, TX

     US Copyright Date: Oct. 24, 1952; EFO-16 915.
     US Renewal   Date: Dec. 24, 1980;  RE-75-994.


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