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Destiny (dramatic anthology)

     (CBS Primetime, summers of 1957 and 1958)

     [This series was hosted by Francis L. Sullivan; It was a 
      summer-replacement series for Four-Star Production's 
     "Zane Grey Theatre"; It was packaged by Revue Productions;
      It included two original episodes produced in 1953 and 1957;
      the rest were re-runs from other dramatic anthology series]

Theme: "The Destiny Theme"

    [vocal title: ""What Is My Destiny?"]

    [This composition was written by a British trio of
     songwriters who composed the hit, "A Blossom Fell" made
     famous by Nat "King" Cole.

     Apparently the publisher had high-hopes for this tune, for
     six months later, a lyric was written by Carl Sigman -- who had
     written many hit lyrics for European melodies. The complete 
     vocal title was: "What Is My Destiny? (from The Destiny Theme)."]

     Composer: Milton Carson (ASCAP/BMI),
              [pseudonym of the British composing team of
               Harold Cornelius ("Harry") Fields (PRS), 
               Howard Ellington Barnes (PRS) and
               Joseph Dominic Roncoroni (PRS)]

     Original Publisher: John Fields Music Company, Ltd. of
                         London, England;
                              sole US selling agent:
                         Edwin H. Morris (ASCAP) of
                         New York, NY.

     1999 Publisher:  Morley Music Co. (ASCAP)
                        c/o MPL Communications, Inc. of
                        New York, NY.

     Instrumental Copyright Date:  Jan. 1, 1957; EFO-47893.
     Instrumental Renewal Date:   Nov. 21, 1985; RE-276-914.

     Vocal Copyright Date: July 24, 1957; EFO-52506.
     Vocal Renewal Date:   June 21, 1985; RE-252-441.


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