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Colonel Humphrey J. Flack (sitcom, starring Alan Mowbray)

    (Dumont Primetime, 1953 - 1954;
     Kinescopes Syndicated, 1954
     New Films  Syndicated, 1958)

    [Premiering as an episode of "Plymouth Playhouse", the series
     was first seen as 39 live episodes on Dumont TV Network with
     some kinescope re-runs syndicated after that. Then in an 
     unprecedented move, the producers and the original star went
     back into the studio for CBS Films and re-filmed the episodes
     using the original scripts, to produce a better set of shows
     which they syndicated in 1958.]

    [aka: "The Fabulous Fraud"]

Theme: "Colonel Flack (Main and End)"

     Composers: Dave Kahn (ASCAP), and
                Raoul Kraushaar (ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: Omar Music Co. (ASCAP)
     2001 Publisher: Omar Music Company (ASCAP)
                        of Los Angeles, CA

     Copyright Date:


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