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Buckskin (western, starring Tommy Nolan)

    (CBS Primetime, 1958 - 1959)

    [a western series from the perspective of a 10-year-old boy,
     played by child actor Tommy Nolan]

Theme: "My Calico Gal"

    [mis-identified as: 
    "My Gal Calico <sic> from the TV series 'Buckskin'" 
     in US copyright office records...and to add insult to injury, 
     mis-spelled as: 
    "My Callico <sic> Gal" in the ASCAP 2001 repertoire database.]

     Composers: Stanley J. Wilson (ASCAP/BMI), and
                Mort Greene (ASCAP)

     Orig. Publisher: Marlen Music Co. (ASCAP)
     1978 Publisher: Gordon Music Company, Inc. (ASCAP)
     2001 Publisher: Gordon Music Company, Inc. (ASCAP)
                        of Canoga Park, CA

     Copyright Date [as "My Gal Calico"]: May 16, 1961, EP 153 853.
     Renewal   Date: [none found]


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