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Black Saddle (western, starring Peter Breck)

    (NBC Primetime, 1959;
     ABC Primetime, 1959 - 1960)

Theme: "Black Saddle Theme"

     [aka: "Black Saddle Main Title";
      above is title in ASCAP Database; Since both Morton and
      Goldsmith changed to BMI affiliation, the title in the 
      BMI database is "Black Saddle Main Title"...but there
      is only an ASCAP publisher listed.]

     Composers: Arthur Morton (ASCAP/BMI), and
                J. Michael Hennagin (ASCAP)

               [Michael Hennagin was a pseudonym used by 
                Jerrald ("Jerry") Goldsmith (ASCAP/BMI),
                since he was under contract to another studio at
                the time, he used his Brother-in-law's name on
                this THEME for Four-Star Productions.]

     1978 Publisher: B N P Music Publishing Co. (ASCAP)
     1988 Publisher: Bibo Music Publishers (ASCAP)
     2001 Publisher: Universal Polygram International 
                                        Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP)
                       c/o Universal Music Publishing Group,
                       a div. of Universal Studios,
                       of Los Angeles, CA
    ["Main Title" included in "Music Folio from 'Black Saddle'" 
     which was filed for copyright on the following dates:]

     Copyright Date: June 10, 1960; Eu 628 214.
     Renewal   Date: Dec. 12, 1988; RE-404-807.

          LP: "Impact"
               Buddy Morrow and his Orchestra
               in arrangements by Ray Martin
               RCA-Victor LPM/LSP-2042 (1959)

          CD Re-issue: "Impact"
               Buddy Morrow and his Orchestra
               in arrangements by Ray Martin.
               BMG (Spain) 74321609942 (1998)

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