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The Amos 'n' Andy Show (situation comedy)

     (CBS Primetime, 1951 - 1953)
     (Syndicated, 1952 - 1966; withdrawn from syndication in 
      1966 due to pressure from civil rights groups.)

      [from radio series, first on local Chicago radio 1926 - 1929,
       then on NBC 1929 - 1950; and on CBS 1950 - 1960]

Theme: "Angel's Serenade"
[aka: "La Serenata (Leggenda Valacca)";
aka: "L├ęgende Valaque"]

     [According to Steve Gelfand's book "Television Theme
      Recordings: an illustrated discography", the original
      radio series theme was "The Perfect Song" with music by 
      Joseph Breil, and words by Clarence Lucas. This 1915
      composition was published by Chappell & Co., Ltd. (and
      was used to accompany D. W. Griffith's famous silent film 
      "Birth of a Nation", according to "The Encyclopedia of
      Old Time Radio" by John Dunning...)
      However Radio networks were fighting ASCAP in 1941, 
      and many theme songs which were published by ASCAP
      publishers had to be replaced.

      So "Amos'N'Andy" chose a public domain piece, composed
      in 1867 named "Angel's Serenade", a very similar piece,
      performed in a wordless (vocalise) style by a large
      vocal chorus. 
      Later for the TV series, it was only "Angel's 
      Serenade" used as the theme, performed by the Jeff 
      Alexander chorus.]

      Composer: Gaetano Braga
      Original Publisher: Fraxard, Paris, France;
                          G. Schirmer (Beer and Schirmer), New York
      1997 Publisher:  [in the Public Domain]
      Composition Date: 1867 (in Milan, Italy)

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